Village Board Meeting
May 31, 2022 7:30PM
Public Hearings:
a. Continued - Moratorium Waiver Petition – 19 Seven Springs Road
b. Continued – Moratorium Waiver Petition – 29 Centre Drive
c. Moratorium Waiver Petition – 95 Maher Lane
d. Introductory Local Law 3 of 2022 – Fire Prevention
e. Introductory Local Law 4 of 2022 - Videoconferencing
Public Comment on Agenda Items Only
Administrative Business:
a. Acceptance of Minutes
b. Approval of Abstract
c. Fire Department Equipment Request
d. Resolution – Re-Levy of Previously Exempt Property
e. Fire Department – Application for Membership
Old Business:
a. Decision – Moratorium Waiver Petition – 5 Allegheny Cross
b. Decision – Moratorium Waiver Petition – 20 Centre Drive
c. Decision – Moratorium Waiver Petition – 19 Seven Springs Road
New Business:
New Business:
a. Appointment to Planning Board – Term Beginning June 1, 2022
b. Appointment to Zoning Board of Appeals – Term Beginning June 1, 2022
c. Authorize Mayor to Sign – Agreement for Aerial Testing – Fire Department
Public Comment
Board Member/Department Comment
Attorney/Client Session with Village Attorney

The Village Board meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM in Woodbury Village Hall - 455 Route 32, Highland Mills, NY. Agendas are set prior to each meeting and posted here. Meeting minutes are prepared following each meeting and are available in hard copy at the Village Office in the Firehouse or electronically.

The Village of Woodbury Board of Trustees performs executive and legislative duties for the Village. Responsibilities include authorizing the expenditure of public funds, appointments to the Planning and Zoning Boards, the adoption of local legislation including zoning, in accordance with New York State Village Law. By law, the Village Board assumed responsibility for all planning and zoning functions in Woodbury on June 1, 2007. Additional responsibilities taken on by the Village were decided upon by agreement with the Town of Woodbury, and are documented in the Intermunicipal Agreement between the Village and Town Boards.

Village Board Members

  • Andrew Giacomazza - Mayor 
  • Jesus Gomez - Trustee
  • Christopher Graziano - Trustee
  • Tara Burek - Trustee
  • Victor Ferrarelli - Trustee
  • Desiree Potvin - Village Clerk & Treasurer


  • Natalie Barber - Village Engineer
  • Stuart Turner - Village Planner



Documents of Interest

• Woodbury Codebook
pdf Standard Workday
Comprehensive Plan

Viewing and printing of PDF files requires either Acrobat Reader from Adobe or any other PDF-compatibile browser and/or application. Hard copy of documents can be obtained from the Village Clerk's office.